Unique, small-group photo workshops and creative retreats to Cuba. Legal for US citizens.


Flowers with shadow in Cuba by Jennifer Spelman

Venture Beyond the Tourist’s View of Cuba

Set aside traditional notions of travel workshops to focus on creating mindful imagery that respects the culture we are visiting and – not coincidentally – reflects the beauty of the people and spaces we encounter.

A Creative View of Cuba

We publish CubaSeen, a bilingual art zine that presents imagery by Cuban and American artists. It creates opportunities for collaboration – giving voice to the truths that emerge when visual artists from different cultures interact in meaningful ways:

  • In-depth photo and visual essays by both Cuban and American artists
  • Curated images submitted by artists who have visited Cuba
  • Short-form narratives in English and Spanish

The digital edition of CubaSeen is free. We hope you’ll check it out!

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